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  • Exhibition Company OPTIMA EXPO
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26 federal and 15 regional partners (printed media and websites specialized in International business and real estate)


The Real Estate Abroad Fair is organized for the fifth time in the Volga region, in order to introduce and promote foreign real estate and business companies in the most industrially developed and rich regions of the Russian Federation, to develop their partnership network and to sell foreign real estate to the end customers.


To establish a professional platform for the meetings with the potential customers, for selling foreign real estate and business and for running the talks with the partners.

Main Topics of the Convention
  • Foreign real estate for living and for holidays
  • Investments and business projects
  • Mortgage lending, including that for real estate abroad
  • Commercial and residential real estate
  • Legal and consulting services
  • After-sales service for real estate buyers
  • Major foreign construction companies
  • Leading foreign real estate agencies
  • Specialists and experts in the field of real estate and business abroad
  • Banks, law and advisory agencies, insurance companies
  • Wealthy individuals with a budget of € 25 thousand - € 2,5 million
  • Business owners, top managers, managers of small, medium-sized and large corporate businesses
  • Representatives of government institutions, officials
  • Developers, private and institutional investors
  • Russian real estate agencies
  • Individuals
5 Reasons to participate
  1. The direct dialogue with the regional elite and the potential customers from the region.
  2. The direct access to regional investors.
  3. The only specialized event in the Volga region.
  4. The Fair is held in the height of the business season at the peak of the customers’ interest.
  5. The possibility to establish and enlarge the partnership network in the regions.
Why should you visit the fair?
  1. Vast variety of foreign real estate objects by countries, types and prices directly from the construction companies and the owners.
  2. Complete and reliable “first hand” information from the construction companies and the owners of the foreign real estate objects which guarantees security and reliance of the deals.
  3. Free advice from the experts in support of the deals on buying, selling and managing the foreign real estate, and free advice from the experts in the complete set of immigration services.
Format and Business program

The International fair is held in the form of a business convention providing face-to-face communication of the participants with their customers and partners in a comfortable businesslike atmosphere. The convention provides a business program including a press conference, round-tables and seminars.

Marketing Support of the Project / Advertising Campaign

Active marketing campaign to attract the target visitors:

  • TV and radio
  • Business magazines (articles and advertisements)
  • Specialized magazines (articles and advertisements)
  • Websites
  • Direct mail
  • Outdoor advertising (billboards, pillars)
  • Sms mailing
  • Sending invitations through the partners (banks, insurance companies, car dealers)
  • Social networks (facebook, twitter, vk and others)
  • Personal invitations
  • Announcements and advertisements at public events

As well as non-conventional communication channels: promotion among VIPs during personal meetings and negotiations.

Free access for the visitors!


Tel.: +7 (846) 270 94 50, 270 95 82
Tel./fax: +7 (846) 270 93 44, 270 95 99
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype: optimaestate

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