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February 19-20, 2016: Renaissance Samara Hotel hosts the VII International Fair “GLOBAL EDUCATION”. It was visited by over 2000 school and university students and their parents from Samara, the Samara Region and the neighboring regions of the Volga District.

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As a venue for large-scale exhibition events, Samara keeps gaining popularity from year to year, and it concerns big events of national and international level. This time the fair involved over 50 participating organizations including leading universities, colleges, schools and language centers from 15 countries of the world: UK, Hungary, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Canada, China, Cyprus, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, USA, Finland, France and Switzerland.

Geography of Participants

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The visitors received detailed and accurate first-hand information on how to get higher education both in and outside Russia, how to apply for grants and scholarships, how to enroll for internship in a foreign university, and many other aspects. This information is valuable in making the decision of what to become and where to study.

Inquiries for Educational Programs

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Visitor Profile

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The fair was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Samara Region, Department of Education of the Samara Administration, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Samara Region and the Association of Russian Educational Advisors.

The organizers of the event were “OPTIMA EXPO” Exhibition Company (“OPTIMA STUDY” Group Companies) and its general partners, “BEYOND BORDERS” magazine and portal, “RUs TV” Media Corporation. The information support was provided by over 40 federal and regional specialized periodicals and web resources.


The very interesting and intensive business agenda was what attracted the visitors. A lively discussion was elicited by the presentation of Ksenia Ivanenko, coordinator of the State Program “GLOBAL EDUCATION”. The speaker of the Moscow Management School “Skolkovo” gave an in-depth analysis of what steps the young Russian bachelors and specialists need to take to enroll in the program which gives an opportunity of getting state financing of further learning abroad.

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One more hot topic of discussion was export of educational services. What strategy is best for the Russian universities to attract foreign students was the focus of the presentation by Sergey Krasnyansky, Director of ICEF Russia.


All participants noted the comfortable working environment and the easy atmosphere. It all contributed to achievement of the key objectives of the event: to raise awareness of educational services, establish partnerships between the Russian and international educational institutions.

We invite you to take part in the VIII International Fair “GLOBAL EDUCATION” which will be held on February 17-18, 2017 in Samara!

Participants are welcome!