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February 14-15, 2020, 7 Avenue Hotel & Spa become the venue for the annual XI International Fair “GLOBAL EDUCATION”. Its main objective was to make a broad presentation of the possibilities offered by the Russian and international educational programs. Over 1,700 people visited the Fair during the two days of its functioning. Among the visitors there were school kids and graduates and their parents, university students, managers and professors of universities, technical schools, colleges of Samara and the Samara Region, GMs of big companies and enterprises, people interested in the improvement of their education level, and representatives of mass media. The participants and guests of the X International Fair “GLOBAL EDUCATION” appreciated the high level of organization of the event and the importance of the efforts responding to the needs of the community both in the topic and the format.

The Fair engaged over 30 companies including the leading universities, colleges, schools and language centers from: Germany, UK, Canada, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, UAE, Russia, USA, France, Switzerland and others.

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The educational institutions from all over the world presented their educational programs for students and high school graduates, spoke about the future professions and consulted on possibilities of enrollment and studying process, about higher education not only in Russia but in other countries as well, about grant and scholarship opportunities, about ways to get an internship to the international university, and many more.


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All participants and visitors of the Fair highlighted a comfortable working environment and relaxed atmosphere of the communication. All this contributed to the achievement of the key objectives of the event to inform people about the educational services of the foreign universities, partnership between Russian and foreign educational institutions.

The organizers of the Fair are the International Educational Centre “OPTIMA STUDY”, and the Exhibition Company “OPTIMA EXPO”. The official partner of the Fair is the Association of Russian Educational Advisors. The Fair was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Samara Region, by the Department of Education of the Administration of the urban district of Samara, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Samara Region. The general partner is “Dodo Pizza”, the general information partner is the Federal magazine and portal “BEYOND BORDERS”.

We invite you to join the XII International Fair “GLOBAL EDUCATION”: Samara, February 26-27, 2021!

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