Results March 2014


March 25-26, Samara and Togliatti hosted the III International Fair "Education in Russia. Study abroad" which was a great success and opened the possibilities of international education for the citizens of the Samara region. Pavel Antipov, the General Director of the OPTIMA STUDY Group of Companies, in his interview for the magazine "International Education & Career" described the peculiarities of organizing this momentous event.

— Pavel, what were the objectives of the Fair? Did you manage to achieve them?

— The Fair "Education in Russia. Study abroad" hit the top in terms of the number of the participants: over 30 universities, colleges, schools and language centers from 15 countries of the world. Several leading Russian educational institutions also took part.


Thousands of citizens of the Samara region and the neighboring regions obtained firsthand information about various foreign and Russian educational institutions, their entry requirements, study process and career opportunities for the graduates. Representatives of some foreign educators came together with their students and the numerous visitors were excited to learn about their experience.

The fair became a platform for active business communication between the Russian specialists and their foreign colleagues. Their negotiations tackled the issues like dual degree programs, joint research, student and scientific exchange, increasing the number of foreign students in Russian universities, internships and further training for the Russian specialists abroad.

— Did you manage to create a comfortable work environment for the participants? The majority of them arrived from abroad, which should have definitely created particular challenges for the organizers. What should be taken into account when hosting foreign visitors?

— We have extensive experience in organizing major international fairs, conferences, seminars and trainings, but we constantly learn and improve, trying to pay attention to every minor detail.


The employees of the exhibition company OPTIMA EXPO are real professionals with education, training and experience in event management gained in Russia and abroad. All this, together with the true team spirit, allows us to maintain the highest standards when holding international fairs.

Foreign participants are used to the high service standards. Therefore, we have to think about all the details. Logistics, residence, restaurant menu, business program, exhibition work Station layout, even the local souvenirs – we have to plan everything in advance. The fact that more than a half of our participants attend our fairs every year shows the high professional level of our events.

— The recent fair attracted the record number of visitors. How was the advertising campaign organized? Have you noticed the growth of interest to education abroad in the Volga district during the period when you have been holding specialized fairs in this region?

— We believe that the Internet and social media are becoming the most efficient advertising resource. Billboards near the major roads remain effective. No doubt that the active advertising campaign in the magazine "International Education & Career" contributed a lot to the success of the fair, as the target readers of this magazine include mainly students, schoolchildren, heads and specialists of educational sphere, representatives of state authorities and business, as well as other people interested in various aspects of education in Russia and abroad.

Indeed, the annual fairs "Education in Russia. Study abroad" make the young people more active and increase the interest towards international education. Obviously, the investments into the own future, the future of the children are the most profitable in the long run.

By Anastasia Kisurina