About project

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We invite you to take part in the Days of the medicine from Israel
held under the authority the International Fair of the same name.

About project
International Fair “Medicine & Treatment in Russia and Abroad”


Exhibition company “OPTIMA EXPO” established in 2007 on the basis of the Department of exhibitions, conferences and workshops of the International Educational Centre “OPTIMA STUDY”, and being part of the Group of Companies “OPTIMA STUDY”.

International Medicine & Treatment in Russia and Abroad Fair

Unique project in B2B and B2C formats, involving presentations of the medical devices and services of the Russian and foreign companies.

Participation in the Fair “MEDICINE & TREATMENT IN RUSSIA AND ABROAD” provides direct access to the Russian customers (patients), partners, hospitals, clinics and medical centers interested in cooperation, and you will have the possibility to promote services at the dynamic market of the Volga region.

Main Topics

  1. MEDICINE in Russia and abroad (format b2b)
    • Medical equipment and diagnostics
    • Laboratory equipment and diagnostics
    • Designing and engineering of the hospitals, doctors' offices, medical institutions, health centers and resorts
    • Medical wear, expendable and suture materials, hygiene and personal care products
    • Preserving medicine
    • Emergency medicine
    • Rehabilitation medicine
    • Alternative medicine
    • Aesthetic medicine
    • Sports medicine
    • Innovative technologies in Medicine
    • Modern IT technologies in Medicine
    • Medical research, educational institutions
    • Diagnostics, treatment and health improvement. Modern technologies
    • Health and Medical Tourism
    • Spa-resort therapy
    • Health improvement and anti-aging methods (proper and healthy diet, tempering, massage, SPA & Wellness, physiotherapy, mental hygiene, cosmetology and dermatology and others)
    • Postgraduate education for the Russian medical professionals in leading foreign clinics
Business program

Official opening of the Fair, B2B meetings, presentations held by the participants.

Fair Participants
  • Manufacturer and Supplier of:
    • Medical equipment and materials
    • Laboratory and diagnostic equipment
    • Modern and IT technologies in Medicine
    • Dental instruments and materials
  • Hospitals, maternity hospitals, clinics and medical centers
  • Diagnostic centers
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Dental clinics and dental centers
  • Health and spa resorts
  • Medical tourism tour-operators
  • Medical research, educational institutions
  • Consulting, service and insurance companies
  • Russia
  • Austria, China, India, Israel, Japan, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and others
Fair Visitors
  • Business representatives: the heads of the medical institutions, practical doctors and nurses, financial and marketing directors, purchasing directors, development directors, marketing managers
  • Individuals, who can be interested in medicine consulting, health and spa resorts
  • Government and educational institutions representatives
  • The visitors from the Volga region (Samara, Togliatti, Ulyanovsk, Kazan)
Marketing Support / Advertising Campaign Fair advertising campaign for the attracting target visitors:
  • Business magazines (articles and advertisements)
  • Trade magazines (articles and advertisements)
  • Web-portals
  • Direct-mail
  • Outdoor advertisement (billboards, pillars)
  • Sms-mailing
  • Distribution of the invitations using the organization’s resources: health organizations (hospitals, clinics, dental studios, maternity hospitals and medical centers), banks, insurance companies, airlines, directors, industry associations and unions etc.
  • TV and radio
  • Social networks (facebook, twitter, vk etc.)
  • Distribution of personal invitations
  • Announcements at the most important events
plus non-conventional communication channels: promotion among VIPs during personal meetings and negotiations.

Expected number of targeted visitors – more than 3,000 people.
Number of participants – up to 45 organizations.

Organizer's contact details:

Tel.: +7 (846) 270 94 50, 270 95 82
Project Team: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marketing and Advertising Department: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype: optimaestate

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