Results May 2015

Leading medical experts make high assessment of Ulyanovsk Region specialists' qualification


50th Interregional Scientific Practical Conference with International Participation "Medicine of the Regions – Basis for the Preservation of the National Health" («Nexus Medicus» Course) is taking place in the region on May 21 - 22.

The main topic on the agenda this year was prevention of cardio-vascular diseases.

«The President of Russia Vladimir Putin declared the year 2015 the National Year of Prevention of Cardio-Vascular Diseases. The conference plans an exchange of experience among some of the leading experts in the field of medicine. We also hope for further cooperation with them in order to improve the level of knowledge of specialists in Ulyanovsk and to implement the new treatment methods in their practices. Among other things, the conference will become a forum to introduce proposals to hold the following Year of Healthcare in the Ulyanovsk Region», - says Pavel Degtyar, Deputy Chairman of the Government, Minister of Healthcare and Social Development.


The anniversary conference was attended by the leading specialists from Russia, Israel, Germany and USA, who delivered lectures and workshops.

«It's an honor to be here in the Ulyanovsk Region and be a part of such a big conference, and this is my second time here. I am impressed by the qualification of the medical professionals in Ulyanovsk and by the level on which this event is organized. I came here to speak on the new approaches towards treatment of neurological diseases: we have something to share with the Russian specialists», - says Professor of neurology of the Mayo Clinic Medical College, member of the Board of the Neuromuscular Disorders of the American Academy of Neurology, Dr. James Dick.

«I find the conference very interesting. I have met many Ulyanovsk doctors, and we have established not only friendly but professional links, and we want to carry on our cooperation in a variety of research lines», - adds Rudiger Seitz, Professor of Dusseldorf Heinrich Heine University.


During the opening ceremony the speakers announced the results of the contest and awarded the young scientists. They received gifts and grants to participate in the International Phlebology School which will take place in September. The contest was among the works prepared by science and research fellows, doctors, post-graduate students, hospital physicians and students under 35 years. The champions are from Moscow, Ulyanovsk and Perm.

«One of the main goals of our project «Nexus Medicus» is to educate the young people, who are given a very high benchmark to attain from the very first days of their study. This forum is a chance for them to come closer to the International science. The «Nexus Medicus» section of the conference plans not only lectures but applied knowledge in the form of workshops», - notes Prof. Victor Mashin, Head of Department of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Physical Therapy of the Ulyanovsk State University.


On May 21-22, in the Foyer of the Lenin Memorial, the International exhibition "Medicine & Treatment in Russia and abroad" was receiving the guests. It showcased modern medical technologies, high quality equipment, treatment and health support services abroad. The visitors were welcome to see the health care sites of the regional Healthcare Centers and Medical Prevention Center.

The medical equipment was exhibited by well-known Russian companies: Mindray (Moscow), "Atcus" LLC (St.-Petersburg), OJSC "Elatomsk Instruments Plant" (Ryazan Region), "Biorhythm" LLC (Ulyanovsk), "ASVOMED Group" LLC (Moscow).

The services of foreign clinics and medical centers were presented in Ulyanovsk by the following companies:

- Manor Medical Center, Israel

- DeutschMedic GmbH, Germany

- European Patient Service, Czech Republic

- Dr. med. Georgiev, Austria

- OrthoCenter Professor Lill in Muenchen, Germany

- Jettourism, Turkey

- Kuper Medical Space, Spain

- ТНТС, Turkish Association of Medical Tourism, Turkey


For the first time the services of recreation and treatment tourism were presented in Ulyanovsk by a participant from Poland: "Nalenchuv Spa" Co. This is the first private spa center in Poland organized with foreign investment, and the company has vast experience in providing services to commercial clients. Today the resort is a leading specialized cardiology resort in Poland. With almost 200 years of traditions of treatment, the small town of Nalenchuv has a micro-climate that helps lower blood pressure. It is one of the best places for the rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease, hypertonia, vegeto-vascular dystonia) and after heart surgery, as well as for guests who are in for a complex cardiology diagnostics. The resort offers mainly early rehabilitation packages, and resort packages for patients with heart diseases and heart diagnostics.

The visitors who wanted to go in for treatment or diagnostics abroad were welcome to file applications through the International Health Center "OPTIMA MED", which acted as an official representative of the leading International clinics.


"Penzaprofkurort" offered citizens of Ulyanovsk and Ulyanovsk Region spa and resort services in its health centers: "Berezovaya Roscha", "V.V. Volodarsky Resort" and "S.M. Kirov Resort".

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The conference was organized by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation, Government of the Ulyanovsk Region, Regional Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development, Medical Chamber of the Ulyanovsk Region, Ulyanovsk State University, and the Clinical Phlebologists' Scientific Community.

The complete agenda of the conference is available here.

The organizer of the International Exhibition "Medicine & Treatment in Russia and abroad" was the Exhibition Company "OPTIMA EXPO", and the co-organizer was the International Health Center "OPTIMA MED", Samara.